How to Hide Featured Image in WordPress post?

October 21, 2019| Theme SINE
how to hide featured image in a wordpress post

Everybody is aware of the popularity of WordPress, and it’s easy to use features to write a post. It allows one to add or delete text and images in a post quickly. But what if you want to remove or hide the “featured image” of a particular post temporarily, Can you can hide it in WordPress? Well, why do we need to do that? Sometimes a WordPress user may be using a theme that automatically uses the first post image as a featured image if no image was specified. Or users must be using a plugin that sets the default featured image automatically. First, let’s see what a featured image is?  Every WordPress theme has its own settings when customizing the design for your website.

Similarly, featured images are post thumbnails, WordPress theme feature allows users to set an image to describe or represent their pages, posts, or custom post types. Website owners use featured images to make their website more appealing and expressing. It is helpful to keep visitors engaged and interested. It lowers your website bounce rate. But at the same time, many website owners prefer simple, no-frills pages. Having too many images on the website makes the pages cluttered and hard to follow. This is one of the reasons many website owners prefer to remove or hide the featured image. So how does one hide the featured image?

Well, yes, instead of deleting a featured image permanently from the database or media library, you can hide it. You can unhide it later whenever you need to display it again. Here are the steps to hide a featured image of a particular post:


  • Login into your WordPress admin panel, then visit your dashboard.
  • In the dashboard, click on the plugins and select “Add New.”
  • A page will open for you to add or upload new plugins. On the top right side, you will find the search bar to search for plugins. Click on the search bar and type, “Hide featured image” to search the plugin.
  • Once you have some result, select the plugin named “Hide featured image” and click on ‘install now” to install the “hide featured image” plugin.

add new plugins to hide featured image

  • After the installation process, click on the “activate plugin” button to activate the plugin.

Step 2:-

  • On the dashboard, click on the “Posts.” Select “All Post” from the dropdown.
  • Now select the post for which you want to hide the featured image.
  • Tick mark the “Hide featured Image” checkbox to hide the featured image for the particular post.

This is how you can easily hide featured image for particular posts in WordPress. Now you don’t have to delete the featured image if you don’t want to show it to visitors, just hide it as instructed above.

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