How to Hide Featured Image in WordPress post?

October 21, 2019|
how to hide featured image in a wordpress post

Everybody is aware of the popularity of WordPress, and it’s easy to use features to write a post. It allows one to add or delete text and images in a post quickly. But what if you want to remove or hide the “featured image” of a particular post temporarily, Can you can hide it in WordPress? Well, why do we need to do that? Sometimes a WordPress user may be using a theme that automatically uses the first post image as a featured image if no image was specified. Or users must be using a plugin that sets the default featured image automatically. First, let’s see what a featured image is?  Every WordPress theme has its own settings when customizing the design for your website. Similarly, featured images are post thumbnails, WordPress theme feature allows users to set an image to describe or represent their pages, posts, or custom post…    read more 

WordPress Title Attribute: How To Add

October 21, 2019|
how to add WordPress title attribute

The title attribute is an HTML attribute that specifies additional information about an element. The user hovers the mouse over an element, and a tooltip may appear-a “hover-box” with information of the element hovered over. The tooltip is also known as an infotip or hint. The title attribute can be added to any element, but it is often used with “navigation menu,” “links,” and “images.” It can help guide the user, telling them what to expect from a particular link when the user hovers the mouse over the link and read the information displayed by the title attribute as a tooltip. Similarly, when a user hovers the mouse over an image, the title attribute can provide additional information or the description of the image. We will be first discussing how to add title attributes in the WordPress navigation menu. WordPress offers the option of adding title attributes in the navigation…    read more 

Free Responsive HTML5 CSS3 Website Templates

April 29, 2018|
Best 10 Free Responsive HTML5 CSS3 Website Templates

It’s an amazing collection of best free responsive html5 css3 website templates with latest design layouts, which you can use in all type of personal websites, business website and all of these are developed with html5 and css3. There is a trend of using these templates among web designers and developers nowadays. Besides these allows the great feature of HTML5, creating online animation instead of flash animation, so there is no need to get adobe flash support on user’s web browser. Let’s take a look at our mind-blowing collection of responsive html5 website templates, and of course, you can get these premium like templates completely FREE. TourNest – Travel Agency Template Tournest is a stunning free HTML5 responsive template for travel and tour related website. This template offers a great value with its outstanding animations, mind-blowing design, and awesome layout. The bright and eye-catching user interface will welcome your visitors…    read more